Public Classes

When you register and attend a class, whether online, in person, through email, or any other means of communication, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions:


1.  Supplies: The Host will provide to the Guest all painting supplies and one (1) canvas to paint on and agrees to clean up the Studio after classes are finished.

2. Studio: Painting classes are held at 1210 Main Street, Lynchburg Virginia 24504 (“Studio”), across the street from The Community Market and beside the White Hart Cafe

3.  Parking: Street parking is available after 5:00 pm. There is also public parking at The Community Market, as well as street parking on 12th street (the first right after the Studio).

4.  Times: Classes are two hours in length and will be held at the Studio, as scheduled by the class listings on our website. Classes start promptly at times listed; if guests arrive more than twenty (20) minutes late to class, they will not be permitted to paint.

5. Food and Drink: Guests may bring food, snacks and drinks to the Studio.  The Host does not provide alcohol and accepts no liability for its use or related to its presence in the Studio. 

6.  Age Requirement: All Guest’s must be over the age of ten (10) to participate in painting classes, or be present in the Studio while classes are conducted.

7.  Visitors: No visitors are permitted in the Studio while classes are conducted.

8.  Copyright Ownership: All paintings and designs displayed or exhibited during classes, are owned exclusively by The Patriotic Peacock and are not to be sold, copied or in any way distributed, without the expressed written permission of the owner.

9.  Photography/Videography: The Host reserves the right to photograph or video any of its classes, including live streaming videos, to be posted on public social media, used in marketing materials or for advertising. Guests consent to and releases the Host to use these photographs, video’s and images or likenesses, at the Host’s sole discretion.

10. Liability: The Host’s entire liability to Guest or any third party, for any and all losses, injuries or damages from any cause whatsoever, shall be limited to the Guest’s actual direct damages, not to exceed the amount paid by the Guest for the services related to the claim or cause of action. 

11.  Indemnity: The Guest agrees, to the fullest extent permitted by law, to indemnify and hold harmless the Host and its agents against all damages, liabilities or costs including reasonable attorneys' fees and expenses, arising out of, or in any way connected with the performance of the services under this Agreement, excepting only those damages, liabilities or costs attributable to the negligent acts or negligent failure to act by the Host.

12.  Gift Certificates: Gift certificate payments for class reservations, must be emailed or messaged in advance and confirmed by Host, to reserve your spot in a class. The actual gift certificate must be presented prior to class starting, in order to be redeemable.

13.  Refunds: No refunds will be given for any reason, once an Guest’s reservation is paid for. Should a Guest be unable to attend a class already paid for, they may select an alternate Guest to attend in their place. Alternate Guests must agree to these terms and be approved by the Host, at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the start of the paid class time.

14.  Pets: No pets shall be allowed at class or in the Studio, except service animals.