Kathlyn Wade is the founder of The Patriotic Peacock. Kathlyn graduated from Liberty University in 2007 with a degree in Interior Design and Fashion Merchandising.

Kathlyn, returned to her hometown of Lynchburg, VA in 2014 after living in various southern locales — Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky — with her husband and their two young children.

It was during those years away that she began exploring the deep South creative and fashion culture. She began painting colorful peacocks onto teacups- giving birth to The Patriotic Peacock.

She started her home based business in 2008 and, after giving birth to her oldest child Caleb, now 8, joined online DIY retailer Etsy, eventually branching out to create and sell other hand-painted home décor items. Think wooden signs in the shape of mason jars and brightly-hued door hangers covered in chevron.

She’s returned to her fashion roots while keeping her passion for paint alive with the creation of her first boutique. Her unique personality, experiences, and vision have resulted in what you find at our 1210 Main St. Location: Trendy, inexpensive women’s fashion and some of the prettiest paint and sip style events you will find!