DIY Shabby Chic Jewelry Holder

As long as little one’s are under my roof, I can guarantee you won’t find a DIY project on here that seems overcomplicated.  Simplicity is absolute bliss over here!

…unless we’re talking ice cream toppings, then I say BRING ON THE COMPLICATION BABY!!!…

Okay, I’ll calm down and stop yelling now.

Today, I’m showing you how to make your own jewelry holder for about $6.

Start with a piece of wood.

This came from Hobby Lobby for $2.99!  They have all shapes and sizes, most of them $3 or less.


Paint the top with a few coats of chalkboard paint and paint the sides with your choice of paint color.  I chose a light aqua.

The more you get to know me, the more you will realize that I would live life AQUA if I could 😉

Next you will need some drawer knobs.  I bought three for $3 at Home Depot, which just so happens to be right beside our Hobby Lobby.

Quite genius of those Home-Hobby honcho’s  if you asked me.

So, here’s the important part.  If you are planning to hang heavy jewelry, you will want to screw on your knobs.

If you are going to use it for lighter jewelry, grab some liquid nails or gorilla glue and glue away!

I also hammered in some hanging hardware that I also found at Home Depot (they have lots of options).

This one is SELF LEVELING!  So, I picked that bad boy up in a jiffy.  Short cut- check!


Then I drew on my chalkboard.  I thought and thought and thought and finally came up with this super sophisticated phrase.

Pure genius.

(sarcasm inserted) 

Hang on your wall and throw your pretty jewels up there.


How easy peasy was that?

I love simple, quick projects.

Easy enough to finish during nap time!

That’s definitely the criteria around here 😉

Happy jewelry hanging knob chalkboard day!

…Or something like that…


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