The Patriotic Peacock PAINTS!

I can’t even express how amazing the last 3 weeks of Poolside Painting class have been!

The wonderful people who have come to paint.  So much fun meeting and talking and enjoying the common bond of creativity and art!

Each class has brought a new element of energy.  I am very grateful for each of you who have come out to a class and hope to see you many times over!

To stay connected, here are the links to The Patriotic Peacock social media outlets, which are updated daily!  It’s also the best way to get a seat at a class.  They sell out quickly and we want to make sure you are in the loop!

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And don’t forget to introduce yourselves and let me know you’re a local!

Here are some of my favorite highlights from our first month of classes:

beachbeach classbeach class2beach class3bird classbird class2flamingo classflowerskidspaintingpool shot

THANK YOU! THANK YOU for the best first month I could have ever dreamed up!

You all are incredible.  Here’s to many more paint nights!